Saturday, August 30, 2008

Recycling - North Shore

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We can now recycle all numbers from 1-7!

Recycling Plastics 1-7
North Shore City Council residents and businesses can now recycle all plastic bottles and containers with the numbers 1 to 7 displayed in the recycling triangle on the base or side of the item.
Previously the only plastics residents and businesses could recycle were plastic bottles numbers 1 and 2.
This means that products such as ice cream containers and lids, yoghurt pottles, dip containers and takeaway containers can all be recycled.
The base or side of the item must have a recycling symbol, with a 1 to 7 on it. If it doesn’t have this, it cannot go in the mobile recycling bin for collection.
Polystyrene – North Shore City Council does not have a market for polystyrene eg polystyrene meat trays, foam hot drink cups and polystyrene packaging. So even though they have the recycling symbol 6 on them, they cannot go in the mobile recycling bin. They must be broken up and placed in the orange Council pre-paid rubbish bags.
Items should be squashed to ensure that all of the recyclable items will fit into the mobile recycling bin.

Visit the website to get fully up to speed on what we can recycle;

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