Saturday, July 5, 2008

The beginning of a positive change

As most of you know I'm pretty into the whole saving the planet thing....definitely something that has been installed in me by lovely Lindy Loo who is the most knowledgeable person i know when it come to environmental matters. Thanks to her i feel like I'm starting to do my bit to make sustainable changes that will help make a change. Just the other day she bought me the Women's Weekly ( i think its the first one she's every bought....) as it was a green issue, if you haven't got it already rush out and grab it if you can, it has 57 pages on how to make small changes that if we all made them would make a huge impact on the environment. So anyway after reading that and another mag that Mel Jayne bought me for my birthday (good NZ's first sustainable living mag) i felt well and truly inspired to get it together and try to make our family and the way we live as sustainable as possible.

So i was thinking that maybe we could have like a fortnightly or monthly email where we can all give each other ideas on what we've tried and how its worked....i know i always find hearing what other people are doing really motivating....for example the other day i was talking to Mel Jayne, she was telling me how she's been teaching Ethan about why there's a power crisis and how to be a power saver, they've shopped up a storm on candles and have candle lit evenings from time to time now....that's so awesome, romantic and fun, and so candles have now been added to my shopping list too! Before she told me that i must say i hadn't really been overly cautious with power conservation, so anyway that's all changed.
I also had a great talk the other night with Peta who had so many great ideas and knowledge around organic foods and how sprays, additives and preservatives affect our health.
We're all really knowledgeable in different ways so i think we need to share it.

So this is my wee story .... After cleaning out the fridge the other night i separated all the recycling (we can recycle up to number 7 now on the shore, composted all fruit and vege waste and the rest went in the bin....i had a tiny pile for the bin and a huge one for recycling and compost. So all inspired with my minimal waste and armed with my reusable cloth shopping bags i decided to go shopping to really try to purchase as little packaging as possible (what a mission as everything seems to be wrapped hard out) and all NZ made (less carbon miles) i managed to buy in season and packed all fruit and veges that i would usually put in lots of little plastic bags into one big calico bag then just separated them at the check out, it was actually just so easy. Also i tried to buy only food that was in containers with the numbers 1-7 recycling symbol. Of course there were still things that i had to buy that didn't fit my criteria (toothpaste and toothbrushes for example) but hey at lest I'm i was so aware of the packaging thing i found myself looking at other people in the supermarket my god its actually horrifying some the the stuff people buy and how many plastic bags they need for things, obviously waste minimisation isn't in the forefront of their minds!!! I felt so good walking out of there knowing i was really trying to do my bit.

I'm hoping if your keen to share your story's and idea's that maybe we could all forward them on to everyone we know (whether you thing they'd be interested or not) .... it might be just be the motivation they need to start making changes for looking after our beautiful planet?

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