Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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We often know very little about the clothes we wear.... where they were made, the conditions those clothes makers worked in, what the fabric was treated with, how these fabrics are grown or made?
Here is a little info as food for thought....
Traditionally cotton has been organically grown for over 4000 years. But in the mid 20th century widespread use of chemicals fertilisers and pesticides began to be used on cotton crops.

Plane Spraying Cotton
Spraying conventional cotton fields

Today conventional cotton production uses approximately a quarter of the worlds agricultural insecticide production, which makes it one of the heaviest users of toxic chemicals.

Horrifying fact: did you know that despite its image as the most "natural" and "pure" of fibres, cotton is one of the most pesticide-intensive crops there is. To put it into perspective, the chemicals used to grow cotton are so toxic they eventually render the ground infertile.

Not only does Cotton carry these pesticide residues, but almost all polyester/cotton blend fabrics are finished with formaldehyde, a carcinogen, added to make fabrics wrinkle or flame resistant.

Bamboo clothing and organic cotton are completly biodegradeable, do not contain harmful chemicals and are must less exhausting on the planet......

I'm starting to change my boys into mostly organic cotton clothing and untreated wool blend fabrics (alot of wool is sprayed to stop is pilling)  Most of these products are made in the fair trade projects in India or in New Zealand.  Its more expensive, but they just have less stuff which is in some ways alot easier than having heaps and heaps of clothes.  There isn't much stuff around for adults but if you know of anything let me know....


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