Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eco tip of the week

As i'm sure most of you have heard that the UK and Europe are banning childrens drink bottles with the number 7 recycling symbol on the bottom, due to the plastic properties leaching into the fluid and causing carcinogenic effects.  NZ has not banned these products yet dispite the ever increasing knowledge of the harmful effects of storing and heating food and fluids in plastic.  In the lastest Good Magazine they had stainless steel drink bottles advertised.  They are called Eco Tanker's and come in a range of sizes.  I bought a tiny one for Riley's first sippy cup and one for Jess.  They're really styley and will last forever and the best thing is that there's nothing harmful that can contaiminate their water.  I'm going to buy one for Scotty and I this week.  
To have a look go to
Abs xxx

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MJ said...

Ohhh that's freaky, I just had a look and my beloved pink drink bottle from kathmandu is number 7! Dave, Ethan and I all have these so I guess I will be shopping too - Thanks Abs! xxxxx Mel