Wednesday, September 24, 2008

GE Foods

Hi - Just some new stuff about GE foods
Recent Studies have shown cellular, organ, blood or immunological abnormalities in laboratory animals -Rats fed GE potatoes developed precancenrous digestive tracgt cell growth, inhibited dev elopment of brain, liver and testicles, partial atrophy of the liver, enlarged pancreases and intestines, and immune system damage. Disruption to functional DNA will always happen with the GE pocess. This results in disruption to cellular pathways, so that new toxins, carcinogens and allergens can be formed in transgenic plant cells
Glyphosate-tolerance ( when everything dies around the plant  but the plant - a Mo nanto beauty) has been GE into alliums (ONIONS) - It is the second most commonly used herbicide in the US. The claims are that it is non-toxic to animals and environmentally friendly but in fact it is toxic to human placental cells within 18 hours at concentrations lower than those used agriculturally. Toxicity increases when accompanied by Roudup additives(as is commonly done) - It is also lethal to worms and amphibians.
The Future?
A UK study reviewed over 400 scientific papers that found organic food contained higher levels of vitamin C and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium ( all these elements are lacking in NZ conventional soils)
Before we concentrate too much on the genetics, we should remember that it's not just what you grow, it is the way that you grow it

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