Saturday, September 6, 2008

Worm Bins

Thanks to father Abriham (dad's nickname....long story don't ask) we are now the proud owners of a worm farm. We have been composting hard out now for about 2 years with just one bin. However with the ever expanding vege garden its time we needed a bit more, so a worm farm it is, can't wait to get it up and running, ordered my worms from WormsRUs today so they should be popping into our letter box at the beginning of next week!!
Worms R Us website is cool, it has a few different worm bin options (we have the can of worms one its made from 100% recycled plastic, we got ours from ecostore) its about $130 but there are much cheaper options at places like the Warehouse. Otherwise Worms R Us website also has ideas on how to make your own using old stuff (like tyres, old polystrene box's etc).
Linda is really onto it with all that too so let her know if you need any help.
Check out this website

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