Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hi Everyone I thought you would be interested in the microwave article and the cough medicine particularly - I joined their newsletter - this is the dvd I told you about called Food Matters which is particularly good about taking foo and health into your own hands - any way I will post their interesting bit from the newsletter = you can of course join up to have news letters sent to you if you wish - happy days

What Is Your Microwave Doing To Your Health?

Find out why numerous countries have banned microwaves and 10 reasons why you might consider doing the same in your home.

Are Super-Bugs a Real Threat?
Are these new so called "Super-Bugs" the problem or does it have to do with our weakened immune systems?

Honey or Cough Medicine?
Here is some new information that should help you decide between the drug or natural approach next time you or your children have a cough.

Healing Music...
Discover what scientists have found out about the healing power of music.

Food Matters


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